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Fantasy Friday

Sorry, I’m late today.

It’s been tricky getting back into the groove from my trip.  I’m falling asleep and waking up at the weirdest times!

After the long weekend away, I thought about my post.  What I started thinking about were my heroes.  Romance is all about the hot hero, the fantasy that will make a woman swoon.   I write those guys…and I DO love to write those guys.

But how do I describe my heroes?  I could post the pictures of the images I use to create their look, like I did a couple of weeks ago, but I decided to look at the end result.  Who were the guys at the end of the books?

My husband on the rocky coast of Maine

The answer is simple…most of them morphed into my husband.

Not physically of course, I mean hubs is adorable, and he has all his hair, but let’s get real.  What a character becomes is not really about looks, even in a romance.  The HEA comes from what’s on the inside and the characters I create and the ones I love to read about all have traits that I value in MH–kindness, loyalty, honesty, and a capacity for love that is endless.

He’s flawed; no one is perfect, and we don’t always agree (What fun is that?), but yes, I’m lucky and if that makes some of you a little queasy, oh well.  I’ve really learned to appreciate the kind of man I have in him and thank him for all the great heroes I’ve created who share his traits. Haven’t I said before that real life gives you the best material?

Given the time of year, I wanted to thank him for being, well, him. *cue sappy music*

So tell me…who’s your real life hero?