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I’ll keep him.

I’ve been slow to post this week because I’ve been writing, writing, writing. Hopefully, I’ll finish what I’m working on soon!

So, I’ve mentioned MH (the husband) and I wanted to post this picture from our trip to Maine.

I really love it.  It’s so him.

Okay, I know it’s his back, but it’s still a pretty nice view. 😉  He was looking at the rocks.  

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Finding Inspiration

My husband and I have spent the last few days in the lovely state of Maine.  My biggest regret about Maine is that I didn’t visit here sooner.  We’re staying in the area known as the midcoast–specifically we’re about an hour north of Portland in a beautiful place called Boothbay Harbor.  With the wonderful location, perfect weather and friendly people, we couldn’t ask for more.

The resort we’re staying at, The Spruce Point Inn,

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