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Giving Thanks

Oh, I know.  This is a cliche for a post.  Whatever.  🙂

I’ll keep it simple–what am I thankful for?  Here are a few things…

My family, friends, colleagues, students and former students.  People who make me laugh and those who make me cry.  My fellow writers, who keep me inspired.  Chocolate chip ice cream, Nutella, apples, salsa and chips, good margaritas and white wine. (Not all at once.  If that were the case I’d be thankful for Pepto Bismol!) Flowers, trees, snow, rain and wind. Words.  That awesome, just-bathed baby smell, cinnamon rolls, parades, Hugh Jackman, and Maine–yes, the state of Maine. My dogs.  Breathing, smiling, laughing and great books. My job, even on bad days, because I know I make a difference.  The fact that I have a roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in and great guy to cuddle up with.  I have amazing kids, even when they drive me crazy.  I have my health.

It’s so easy to forget how many things we have when we only see the trivial things we think we want.  Be thankful for the beauty in your life, for the people, for the small gifts you receive each day.

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving.