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A Message for My Father

“Never, never, never give up.”   ~Winston Churchill

Today is release day for what authors often call the book of their heart.  Until You was a project I started over a decade ago. It was the second full length book I’d ever written and it started as a flash fiction challenge.  Once I’d written the first three pages, the characters wouldn’t let go. They were raw and real and emotional.

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Finding Inspiration

My husband and I have spent the last few days in the lovely state of Maine.  My biggest regret about Maine is that I didn’t visit here sooner.  We’re staying in the area known as the midcoast–specifically we’re about an hour north of Portland in a beautiful place called Boothbay Harbor.  With the wonderful location, perfect weather and friendly people, we couldn’t ask for more.

The resort we’re staying at, The Spruce Point Inn,

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Screaming at the TV

Since this is the inaugural blog post on my fabulous new website, I was trying to come up with a topic that was both fun and inspiring—something that would keep you coming back.

So, I decided to write about my passion for sports. Yes, sports. On my writer’s blog.

While the blog isn’t going to be about anything in particular, the posts should give you an idea of what makes me tick.

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