Meet Jeannie

Dreams are funny things.

My father knew I was destined to become a writer when he found I’d scrawled the letters “JBON” (my version of Jean at the time) in a copy of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations when I was barely three years old. It seems that, even then, I knew my name should be on a book.

I started writing short stories in high school–wonderful, sentimental tales that I kept in a notebook and loaned out to my classmates during lunch. The stories were full of love, dreams and happy ever afters. I loved romance, in all its forms, and it was around this time that my Aunt Sophie started passing on her old Harlequins to me. That was it; I was in love.

I graduated to reading family sagas by Danielle Steele and Judith Krantz, as well as sweeping historicals by Bertrice Small and Kathleen Woodiwiss, and all the while–through high school and college, marriage and babies–I was thinking about the book I would write someday. When I finally did it, there was nothing sweeping or grand about my story.  It was about home, family, and finding the one who made your heart beat a little faster.

I’m a native Long Islander and I imagine that conjures an image of big hair and a nasally accent, but that’s not the Long Island that I know. I was raised in a north shore town that once would have been called bucolic and now people call trendy. I married my high school sweetheart and my children were born in the same hospital as I was. I have deep roots here, and it gives me a history. A strong sense of home. And I love that.

Like most women, I wear a lot of hats. When I was in college, I planned on becoming a famous sportscaster. However, never being objective, I leaned more toward the publicity side of the business, doing work for local papers and local teams. But the plan took a detour and I found myself in the front a classroom, teaching English. Teaching was in my blood, and I was hooked.

Now, I’m a mom, a nana, a wife, a recently retired teacher and librarian, and a contemporary romance author. It’s the last part—the romance author—that’s allowed me to connect with all of you.

The writing is a natural extension of who I am and I use all my experiences and sometimes my love of sports for inspiration. I find characters in schools, boardrooms, hospitals, shops, construction sites, courtrooms, patrol cars, farms, and libraries; some come to life on imaginary playing fields and in ice rinks. Eventually, everything ties together. Everything becomes about people taking risks to be happy. About believing in someone. In the end, my books are about finding that special place to call home, finding comfort, and from those things, finding love. I truly believe that’s all most of us want–to have our dreams come true.

My family is my world. I have a wonderful, handsome husband, who is my very own love story, and three incredible kids whom I consider my best work. My bold and brilliant granddaughter is the greatest of gifts. In addition to all that, we have three lovable dogs, and a whole lot of chaos.

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If you’re interested in having me speak to your book club, writers’ group, or library patrons, please have a look at my list of workshops and presentations and drop me a line to check on availability.


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My Cast of Characters

MH: (My Hero) My darling husband, so named because he’s the best man I know. He’s better looking than the day I married him and a little more ornery, but he loves me and that’s the best of all. Oh, can I mention he looks hot in a toolbelt?

The Offspring: O1, O2, and O3. Technically adults, they’re making their way in the world and surprise me every day. I am a proud mom. I’ll tell you, this adult kid thing is working out for me.

The Son-In-Law: O1 was married a couple of years ago, but SIL has been around the house since the two were in high school. He’s a bit serious, and sometimes I think he doesn’t know what to make of me, but he loves oldest and makes her happy. That’s most important.

The Grandbabies: A girl and a boy are the lights of my life.     

Me: That little girl who was always destined to have her name on the front of a book.

Our Furbabies:
The Pack: Casey, Riley and Frankie
The Grandpuppies: Oldest’s dog, Sammie, and Middle’s puppy, Max are cute as can be and tons of fun.


Workshops and Presentations

Jeannie is available for workshops, book clubs, writer groups, library talks, author panels, and media interviews. Contact Jeannie for more information and availability.


Q & A with Jeannie

Want to give your patrons an opportunity to chat with an author? I’m available for Q & A sessions or to talk about my books, writing, or genre fiction in general. With decades of experience in education, I can gear programs for adults, teens, or both! Please reach out if you would like to talk about scheduling an in-person or virtual visit.

Hometown Stories: Long Island as Inspiration

This library program is suitable for patrons over the age of 13.

Take a trip around Long Island, and find out why USA Today bestselling author, Jeannie Moon, brought the charm of the small towns and communities where she grew up into her award-winning stories. Visit coastal hamlets on the North Shore, quirky downtowns, farms, vineyards, and ocean beaches to discover how the unique makeup of our island home allowed Jeannie to create settings that are the perfect places to set down her characters. Additionally, Jeannie will talk about her large extended family, the story of how they came to Long Island in the late 1920s, and how her history informs and enriches the books she writes.

Romance 101: Not Your Mama’s Bodice Ripper

This library program is suitable for patrons age 16 and over. 

People are often put off by dated, and stereotypic, perceptions of romance novels. Join award-winning, USA Today bestselling author Jeannie Moon for a frank discussion about the current realities of the world’s most popular genre and why readers can never seem to get enough.

Delve into the history of romance, all the way back to the scribbling women of the early 19th century, the connection to feminism and feminist lit, female agency, consent, and how the genre is becoming one of the most inclusive and diverse landscapes in publishing – all while continuing to be the most lucrative.

In addition to being a multi-published author, Jeannie is a librarian with over 30 years of experience. She’ll spend some time talking about classic romances, as well as some newer titles to show attendees that romance has something for everyone.


Creating a Living Setting

Settings are more than time and place, or a location to plop down your book’s characters.  A setting can be a living, breathing entity whether it’s a small town or a brand new world. Settings limit or expand possibilities for your characters, are a catalyst for change, act as a pain trigger, or provide comfort. The possibilities are endless.

Bestselling, award-winning author Jeannie Moon will take you through the intricacies of creating a setting that will transport your readers to a world of your creation and make them want to return again and again. This is a deep dive into the craft of using time and place to enhance the story’s depth and give readers a true sense of what your characters are experiencing.

(Can be presented as a one or two-hour class. Available in-person or as a live stream on Zoom.)

Beyond Stretch Marks and Hot Flashes: Writing the Seasoned Romance

Romance readers are growing older and so are the heroes and heroines in the genre they love. This workshop will take you through the ins and outs of writing a seasoned romance from the physical realities of age to the subtleties of the older mindset. See how publishers are starting to embrace romances with more mature characters.

Topics covered will include both craft and marketing, so authors can explore issues surrounding age, including:

  • The concept of love being ageless
  • How intimacy between older characters can be sexy and fun
  • The myth of eternal youth (and why we don’t need it)
  • Tropes that work well with seasoned romance
  • How to envision and pitch your book in a changing market
  • Fighting ageism in the industry

The Layered Heroine

Just as women have evolved over the decades, so have the romance heroines with whom they identify. No longer content to be rescued or domesticated, the modern romance heroine is made up of many different layers. In this class, attendees will be presented with examples of flat heroines and using techniques that incorporate backstory, internal and external conflict, speech, physical attributes, age, and outside influences, build a multifaceted woman ready to embark on her own journey and find happily ever after on her terms. This workshop can be customized for a one or two-hour presentation.

Running on Empty

One of Jeannie’s most popular workshops, Running on Empty will cultivate a positive mindset and get you ready to write.

Part inspirational talk and part down-and-dirty methods, this class will inspire participants to find the best method to get off the hamster wheel and have significantly less stress. Using examples from popular methodologies, Jeannie helps participants learn how to establish a routine, understand the difference between a true plan and a to-do list, and help design manageable, meaningful goals in small steps. Having fought depression, Jeannie knows how doing too much can sap away energy and affect a person’s health and creativity. Attendees will leave the workshop with the tools to establish a workable plan that supports a demanding schedule, and still find time to write. This program can be customized to fill a one or two-hour time slot.

Couple it with another workshop for a full day of learning.

Building a Small Town from the Ground Up

No matter what sales departments say, romance readers love small towns and everything that goes along with them. In this presentation, authors will see how creating a small town is done in layers—using people, places and things to bring your town to life. Combining world building techniques with ideas drawn from classic tropes, you can create a locale that readers will want to visit again and again.

NaNoWriMo: Setting Your Pace and Reaching Your Goals

This customizable workshop will address the craze that is National Novel Writing Month. Using the NaNo website, planning and organizational tools and a buddy approach, novices and experienced writers will be ready to attack the annual November challenge and have a 50,000 word draft done in 30 days.

Jeannie has completed NaNoWriMo seven times as of 2022. She is all set for 2023. Then Came You came out of her very first NaNoWriMo.

Perfect for libraries. Can work as an adult or YA workshop.

Realistic Characters and Reader Empathy

Have you ever wondered how to create characters your readers love and can’t get enough of? Discover why characters that reflect real people—be they seasoned, plus-sized, or the guy or girl next door—are key to building strong reader connection. Explore traits that make a character genuine, relatable, and unforgettable; using tried and true archetypes, coupled with tools meant  to develop your strengths as an author, you can expand your audience, and ensure that your books end up as reader favorites.

Book Clubs

Visits to Book Clubs

If one of Jeannie’s novels is on your book club’s list, she would love to meet your group! Discussions can center around the writing process, romance and women’s fiction, inspiration, or specific themes in the story. Currently, Jeannie is happy to visit in person with groups on Long Island, or conduct a virtual meeting via Zoom or Google Meet! Send Jeannie a message to arrange a visit.

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