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Fantasy Friday

So, my post is not about a gorgeous guy today.  Sorry.  I’m telling you about having a writer’s fantasy come true.  Are you ready?

No, I didn’t sell, and that of course would be the ultimate, but I have gotten myself into the enviable position of being able to pick a NYT bestselling author’s brain.

I’m spending the weekend at Cherry Adair’s guest house near Seattle, Washington.  Cherry opens her home to writers at certain times and the stars aligned and here I am.  I’m writing, brainstorming with friends (Shoutouts to Leslie, Myra and Jen), seeing some of the sights in Seattle and Tacoma and having conversations with Cherry about writing.

How cool is that?  (It’s very cool…I can tell you!) Here’s the view I woke up to this morning:


View of the lake.

I’ll give you the full update next week.  Or I’ll add more tomorrow if I have the chance. 🙂