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Location, Location

christmas_450My new novella, This Christmas, released yesterday and its special to me because the setting is the place I call home.  Now, my Forever Love Stories are set on Long Island, just like This Christmas, but the locale isn’t at the center of the story.  This time, Long Island, with its coastlines and small towns and lighthouses, plays an important role.

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Giving Thanks

Oh, I know.  This is a cliche for a post.  Whatever.  🙂

I’ll keep it simple–what am I thankful for?  Here are a few things…

My family, friends, colleagues, students and former students.  People who make me laugh and those who make me cry.  My fellow writers, who keep me inspired.  Chocolate chip ice cream, Nutella, apples, salsa and chips, good margaritas and white wine. (Not all at once.  If that were the case I’d be thankful for Pepto Bismol!) Flowers,

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Fantasy Friday

So, my post is not about a gorgeous guy today.  Sorry.  I’m telling you about having a writer’s fantasy come true.  Are you ready?

No, I didn’t sell, and that of course would be the ultimate, but I have gotten myself into the enviable position of being able to pick a NYT bestselling author’s brain.

I’m spending the weekend at Cherry Adair’s guest house near Seattle, Washington.  Cherry opens her home to writers at certain times and the stars aligned and here I am.  

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