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Happy Birthday, Patty!

8026852-colorful-fireworks-on-white-background-Stock-VectorHey Everyone!

I’m excited to be here to celebrate Patty’s big birthday!  She’s FIFTY, and for some reason she’s having a meltdown.  I don’t understand since I passed the big one a few years ago–it’s rather freeing.

But in order to properly celebrate I needed to find something especially fabulous for Patty’s birthday.  Did I tell you I found her online five years ago?  We discovered we lived thirty minutes apart and the rest is history.

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I admit, I’ve been lax in posting, but dealing with my father’s terminal illness has made me trim my focus.  I’ve been working on my book and going back and forth to the nursing home, of course there’s that family of mine.  They do need attention…

But on one of my father’s last lucid days, we had a conversation about my writing.  He knows how hard I’ve been working at it over the years and he made me promise him something.

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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

It’s been a tough year for my father and once again, he’s battling some health issues. Today he turns 85, and I wanted to write something about him, because, well, I need to do so.

No doubt, my dad has made his share of mistakes, but he has the best outlook of anyone I know.  “I don’t complain about my life,” he would say.  “I’m where I am for a reason and even though things aren’t perfect,

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Oldies but Goodies

I was reminiscing with a friend earlier this week and we were remembering TV shows and songs we loved as a kid.

One show I loved was The Muppet Show.  I think even the younger me could recognize Jim Henson’s genius.  Because everyone is in need of a giggle now and again, I give you one of my favorite Muppet Show clips.



How about you?  

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Recognizing Yourself

I’m not a big shopper, but I do like nice things and once and a while I treat myself to a pretty bag or a pair of designer sunglasses.   I don’t like paying full price, so I shop sales and I get alerts from some great off-price websites. My favorite is RueLaLa.  If you don’t know about RueLaLa, let me know and I will fill you in, but the short version is I will find beautiful,

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