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Happy Birthday, Patty!

8026852-colorful-fireworks-on-white-background-Stock-VectorHey Everyone!

I’m excited to be here to celebrate Patty’s big birthday!  She’s FIFTY, and for some reason she’s having a meltdown.  I don’t understand since I passed the big one a few years ago–it’s rather freeing.

But in order to properly celebrate I needed to find something especially fabulous for Patty’s birthday.  Did I tell you I found her online five years ago?  We discovered we lived thirty minutes apart and the rest is history.

Bags2Patty teases me about one particular vice.  You see, I like purses.  Bags, totes, clutches–I love them all.  Sometimes it’s a little out of hand.

Don’t judge. Seriously.  You know you would have no problem taking some of these off my hands. I know Patty secretly loves my stash. She does. No doubt.

But Patty will not get a hand-me-down.  Nope. To celebrate my buddy’s big birthday, I have something very, very special.

What do you think of this?



Yes, Patty…I got you a purse for your birthday.  It’s compact and light–easy to pack–and will hold everything you need for a night out at conference.  And wait…is that a Coach tag peeking out?  IT IS! From one purse girl to another, have a wonderful birthday, my friend.  And never fret the years…look at all you’ve done.  xo