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I’ll keep him.

I’ve been slow to post this week because I’ve been writing, writing, writing. Hopefully, I’ll finish what I’m working on soon!

So, I’ve mentioned MH (the husband) and I wanted to post this picture from our trip to Maine.

I really love it.  It’s so him.

Okay, I know it’s his back, but it’s still a pretty nice view. 😉  He was looking at the rocks.  Yes, rocks and because of said rocks, he was completely ignoring many of the other things in the vicinity.  The gorgeous beach house that was behind him, the lighthouse that was in the distance, were not as important as the massive formations at the water’s edge. He’s into geology, as a hobby–the history of the planet fascinates him.  If there was a volcano nearby, he’d have been in heaven.

Now me, other than watching MH, I was looking at a house that was so beautiful it took my breath away.  It was the kind of classic, weathered, waterfront home you would expect to find in New England. And while I thought about how much I would like it for my very own (not happening) I was really thinking about my stories.  Could I set something here?  My imagination went crazy.

When we left Ocean Point, we both went on about how glad we were that we’d driven out to see what it was all about, but we were glad for very different reasons and face it, not having common ground could definitely kill a mood. Still, I enjoyed watching him examine the rock formations and he wondered what kind of mayhem my writer’s mind was dreaming up.  We knew, going in, we weren’t going to see the place the same way. And that made it more fun.

The truth is, we’re very different, MH and I, which is what keeps things interesting. I wrote an earlier post about how little things are what romance is all about and our experience in Maine kind of brings that home.  We can be different and appreciate those differences, but still be together, even after all this time.  When I build a relationship in a book, that’s what I go for…longevity.  I want readers to see my characters fifty years into the future and see them together.

So, comment.  In your opinion, what keeps a relationship interesting?  Do you still have someone who rolls your socks after lots of years?  Do you think about one who got away? What gives a relationship longevity?

What makes you want to keep him?