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Jingle, jingle! I have NEWS!

Hi Everyone!

Nanny's OrnamentI’m so over-the-moon happy to announce a new project! Together with three of my best writer buddies from Long Island, Patty Blount, Jennifer Gracen and Jolyse Barnett, I’m going to be writing one of a series of Christmas novellas for Jane Porter‘s new publishing imprint, TULE!  The book will be released, along with the other three fantastic stories, in early November and I’m soooo excited!  My book,

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Tag…I’m it!

I was snagged….um…tagged by the very funny Alyson Peterson for this blog hop.  I’m no good at these things, but I wasn’t going to say no to the very lovely Alyson, who’s truly blessed with an amazing spirit.  I am way late on this post, so I hope Alyson forgives me!

She asked me to answer a few questions and then I’ll be tagging a couple of my pals to run with this.

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Letting Go

Writers sometimes have a hard time submitting their work.  In fact, RWA, the Romance Writers of America, has something called PRO status for writers who have taken that step because, truly, it’s a biggie.  

In my case, I think being a parent has helped me with submitting.  I’m sure some of you are now very confused.  I mean I’ve sent my flesh and blood children into the world, so the book should be easy.  

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RWA 2011: Reflection

I spent the last week in New York City attending the Romance Writers of America national conference. It was a whirlwind of activity for four days that should have sent me and my generally reserved self into hiding, but instead, when I left the Marriott Marquis yesterday I found myself planning for next year’s conference in Anaheim, California.

So much for being reserved.

I left New York feeling energized,

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