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Letting Go

Writers sometimes have a hard time submitting their work.  In fact, RWA, the Romance Writers of America, has something called PRO status for writers who have taken that step because, truly, it’s a biggie.  

In my case, I think being a parent has helped me with submitting.  I’m sure some of you are now very confused.  I mean I’ve sent my flesh and blood children into the world, so the book should be easy.  It’s just a book, right? Wrong.

I’m not kidding! I especially feel that having children who are technically adults has given me great preparation.  You see, slowly but surely I’ve had to let my kids go.  They’ve gone to school, on dates, they’ve driven cars and all three have gone to college.  They’ve also made mistakes, and we’ve dealt with the downs along with the ups.

Over the past few days, my work has gone back out into the void, and quite simply, I’m a nervous wreck.  But if I want to make it as a writer, I have to get used to this.  Careers change, the people in my career will change and that’s an adjustment I’ll make.  In writing, you don’t dwell, you deal.  But that doesn’t mean that deep down, I’m not nervous.

Just like parenting, I have to let my work stand on it’s own and accept the loss of control.  The book that just left is good, but the training wheels, the safety nets are gone–my literary baby is going to succeed or fail on its own.  And it’s hard to face that.  However, just like my children, I need to believe in what I’ve done and have faith that I’ve crafted a good story.  And if there are bumps in the road, I’ll deal.

Could I face rejection?  Yup.  But I have wonderful friends encouraging me and who will be there if I need them.  That’s all part of the journey, isn’t it?  Hey, one of my characters told me one time, “If you aren’t scared to death, what’s the point?”

But it’s also rewarding to know I took the step, that I made the attempt and that I was brave enough to let go.  Again.

It’s the only way to move forward and as writers, that’s what we need to do.  What are you doing to move forward?