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Over the Moon – Signing Off

“All good things come to an end.” I don’t know who said it, but there’s truth in the old saying. Nothing can go on forever. That’s how it is with my blog. It’s bittersweet, really. I started this website with only a blog. I didn’t have any books published, but it was a good place to find my voice and interact with readers. However, with each book, with every bit of news, it’s become obvious,

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Happy Birthday, Patty!

8026852-colorful-fireworks-on-white-background-Stock-VectorHey Everyone!

I’m excited to be here to celebrate Patty’s big birthday!  She’s FIFTY, and for some reason she’s having a meltdown.  I don’t understand since I passed the big one a few years ago–it’s rather freeing.

But in order to properly celebrate I needed to find something especially fabulous for Patty’s birthday.  Did I tell you I found her online five years ago?  We discovered we lived thirty minutes apart and the rest is history.

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The Joy of Romance~Read-a-Romance Month


11800136_860682940665284_6816461519220016962_nRead-a-Romance month is upon us and I’m so happy to be part of it through my friend, Lorelei’s Lit Lair. Once again, the topic of the month-long series of essays is broad and widely interpreted. How do I explain The Joy of Romance?

I live romance every day, with my wonderful husband, but let’s face it, what’s brought us all together for this annual celebration is our love of romance novels.

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Tag…I’m it!

I was snagged….um…tagged by the very funny Alyson Peterson for this blog hop.  I’m no good at these things, but I wasn’t going to say no to the very lovely Alyson, who’s truly blessed with an amazing spirit.  I am way late on this post, so I hope Alyson forgives me!

She asked me to answer a few questions and then I’ll be tagging a couple of my pals to run with this.

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The Next Big Thing!

The next big thing! This wonderful meme is allowing authors to write about their latest project in this fabulous blog hop.  I’ve been tagged by two wonderful people: Jessica Lemmon, one of my awesome critique partners, who has a new book, Tempting the Billionaire, coming out in January from Grand Central and my LIRW sister Deborah Dale, writer of romantic suspense.

Rules for The Next Big Thing Blog Hop if you’re tagged: 

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