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Giving Thanks

Last week, my tenth book came out.

Ten. Books.

I’m a little blown away by this, just so you know.

Why, you ask?  Well, there was a time, not too long ago, that I was ready to throw in the towel. I’d been writing for over ten years. I’d gotten close to publishing more than once, but then a book I loved failed to sell.  Then it happened.  And it’s been a wild ride ever since.

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I admit, I’ve been lax in posting, but dealing with my father’s terminal illness has made me trim my focus.  I’ve been working on my book and going back and forth to the nursing home, of course there’s that family of mine.  They do need attention…

But on one of my father’s last lucid days, we had a conversation about my writing.  He knows how hard I’ve been working at it over the years and he made me promise him something.

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I’ve had a hell of a winter.  Between my father being sick, MH having to have a heart procedure (he’s fine), losing my aunt, and watching people I really like and respect at work lose their jobs, I’ve been feeling more lost than usual.  Spring, with its promise of renewal and rebirth, is most welcome.

My writing has been slow, but it’s times like these that I appreciate what it gives me–the ability to escape from reality;

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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

It’s been a tough year for my father and once again, he’s battling some health issues. Today he turns 85, and I wanted to write something about him, because, well, I need to do so.

No doubt, my dad has made his share of mistakes, but he has the best outlook of anyone I know.  “I don’t complain about my life,” he would say.  “I’m where I am for a reason and even though things aren’t perfect,

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Giving Thanks

Oh, I know.  This is a cliche for a post.  Whatever.  🙂

I’ll keep it simple–what am I thankful for?  Here are a few things…

My family, friends, colleagues, students and former students.  People who make me laugh and those who make me cry.  My fellow writers, who keep me inspired.  Chocolate chip ice cream, Nutella, apples, salsa and chips, good margaritas and white wine. (Not all at once.  If that were the case I’d be thankful for Pepto Bismol!) Flowers,

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