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Contemporary Single Title
105,000 words

Kate Adams is suffering from conflicting milestones. She’s a well-respected teacher and a writer whose career has hit the fast track, unfortunately she’s also recently divorced and coping with turning forty. While deep down she knows being free of her cheating ex-husband is a good thing, trust and belief in people doesn’t come easily.

David Burke is an NHL superstar with a taste for young, gorgeous women who will do whatever he wants. So, when his buddies challenge him to pick up Kate in a bar, he didn’t think he’d have a particularly hard time.  However, Kate’s not going to fall at David’s feet and what starts out as a game, turns into a game changer for David.  He never expects to fall for someone like Kate—someone older who challenges everything he believes about himself.

Kate’s attraction to David is strong, but as much as her romantic heart wants to give in, she knows a guy like him can only be trouble, and she has more than enough of that on her own. So, as Kate struggles to get control of her life, a romance with thirty-year-old David, is out of the question. Or so she thinks.

David realizes that just like the game he plays on the ice, he has to fight to win Kate’s heart. She’s his lightning strike and somehow he has to get her to see that while they can each make it on their own, they need each other to have the love story they both deserve.

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About Learning Curve

Contemporary Single Title
Book 1 of the Compass Cove series
95,000 words

In Compass Cove hearts meant to love will always find each other.

Molly Cole’s life is controlled chaos. Having just moved to Compass Cove, Long Island to provide a better life for herself and her ten-year-old nephew, Ben, the college librarian is adapting to a new job, new town, and living with her seventy-eight-year-old grandmother. Hoping that the north shore hamlet will provide both her and Ben with a sense of community and family, Molly plans for a quiet and predictable existence.

Ben, however, is all boy and providing challenges Molly isn’t quite ready to handle. After a rough day, he runs off and he finds himself at the football team’s practice field making friends with the head coach, Adam Miller. Adam, a former NFL quarterback who’s come home to Compass Cove to rebuild his own life, takes Ben under his wing, but when he meets the adorable librarian, Adam finds himself attracted to a woman who is not going to fall at his feet and will most definitely complicate his life.

Molly and Adam try to deny the attraction between them, but as Adam becomes more of a mentor to Ben, it’s hard to avoid. Molly can’t imagine that the gorgeous coach would be interested in her, and at the same time she worries about his past reputation. For Adam, meeting Molly has changed his priorities, so even though neither one wants a relationship, they can’t help but fall for each other.  But the relationship has to weather a major crisis concerning Ben, and it’s then that Adam and Molly discover what they’ve come to mean to each other.

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