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Sneak Peek #2 – THEN CAME YOU

As many of you might know, I have a release coming in September: Then Came You. And because I love my readers, I’m offering sneak peeks over the next few months. Here’s a snippet from the book, for your enjoyment.

And, in case you’re wondering, the book IS up for preorder! Links are at the bottom of the post.

This excerpt is from when Mia visits the historic Jennings Brothers compass shop in town.


Walking around, she stopped at a glass case that held a very old, tarnished compass. There was an engraved plate mounted below it that said:

Lucy and Caleb m. 1750.

“Is this…”

“It is,” he said. “Want to see it?”

“Really? Oh, my gosh! Yes.”

Playing up the drama, Liam took a key from his pocket, opened the case with a flourish and removed the antique compass. He held it for her inspection and Mia couldn’t believe she was looking at the town’s history, its heritage. The researcher in her was fascinated; the romantic in her was giddy.

Taking her hand, Liam placed the compass in her palm. She was surprised that the brass compass case wasn’t cold against her skin, but warm. Within seconds, the needle started to wiggle, and then swing wildly back and forth. “Why is it doing that?” she asked. “Did I break it?”

For a few moments she and Liam watched as the compass went crazy in her hand.

“Oh, boy,” Liam whispered. He brushed a lock of hair off his brow and leveled his gaze at her. “From time to time, it’s said the compass behaves strangely. I’ve never actually seen it until now, but it usually happens when it’s held by someone looking for their ‘true north.’”

“True north?”

“Geographically, it’s the direction towards the North Pole. But metaphorically it seems to apply to those whose hearts are lost and in need of direction.”

Mia felt a tingle crawl up her spine. She’d come to Compass Cove for a chance at a better life, but was her heart looking for something? Was she lost?

“According to what my father told me, he’s here during the week if you want to stop back, the last time this happened was maybe sixty years ago.”

“Sixty years? Wow.” She was frozen, staring at the face of the compass and the swinging needle. Finally, Liam took it from her, placing it back in the case. “Is your heart searching for something, Mia?”

“Yes…No…” She debated. “Maybe a little.”

Liam faced her and shoved his hands in his pockets. “Then I hope you find it.”

Mia stared at the compass for a long time and then she looked at Liam, at a loss for what to say. She was always searching, always hoping that life would give her the love story she wanted.

The love story she wondered if she would ever have.


Then Came You releases on September 26, 2017. And it’s available for preorder!
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