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Over the Moon with Tracy Solheim!

I’d like to welcome the fabulous Tracy Solheim to the blog today!  *grabs pom poms*

Tracy has a new book coming out next week called Sleeping With The Enemy and it’s another of her fantastic Out of Bounds novels! Football, people…football.

Take a knee.

Welcome Tracy!!! 

Hi there my little Moon Beams!!!  Thanks to Jeannie, my ‘Sister from Another Mother’, for hosting me on her blog today.  I had planned on posting a fun video, but I had a little dust up with a bee and my face is two times its normal size.  Trust me on this, be thankful I’m sparing you the video evidence because it’s a sight you won’t be able to un-see.

So, Jeannie asked me here today to talk about what puts me over the moon.  If you follow my posts on Facebook, you’re probably guessing right now that I’m going to say this puts me over the moon:

grand prix 1

Yeah, you’d be wrong.  The only thing seeing that does is drain the blood from my body—not to mention the money from my bank account.  Half the time, I have my eyes closed when these two are on the course!

Other guesses?

Harper at 8 months


Oh no, not this one either.  If there was a way to load scent onto a blog post, you’d understand.

No, the thing that puts me over the moon is this:

Neyland stadium

Yep, its football!  Football puts me over the moon.  I’m not sure exactly when I fell in love with sports—and football in particular—but there’s something about football season that gets my blood pumping.  I love everything about the game:  the passing; the tackling; the running; the guys in tight pants.  (My husband gets to say he likes the cheerleaders, so it’s all good.)


Fall to me is the most wonderful time of the year.  What’s better than a weekend afternoon sitting by the fire and watching the big game with the family? Throw in a big sandwich and some Lynchburg Lemonade and you’ve got Nirvana.  Or, how about tailgating with friends outside the stadium?  Toss some brats on the grill and guzzle a Hot Toddy.  Have you noticed that football is also synonymous with food?  Yeah, so have my thighs.

Right now we’re in that sweet spot where everyone still has a chance because our favorite teams are all still undefeated.  It’s awesome!  (Unless your Pro Bowl tight-end goes down in the preseason. But take a deep breath my fellow Packer fans, we will get through this!)

I write about football players because I’m a frustrated sportswriter at heart.  Not only that, but it gives me the opportunity to do some research every weekend by watching the games—something my husband doesn’t mind in the least.  He still tells people that he knew I was “the One” when I shushed him so I could hear an ESPN report on his beloved Redskins.

So there you have it, Moon Pies, the secret to what puts me over the moon.  If you follow football and want to talk smack in the comments, tell me who you’re cheering for this season.  I’d love to hear from you.

The Book~

9780425281024 (1)-1 (1)About Sleeping with the Enemy (Out of Bounds, 4) coming September 1st:

Dot-com millionaire Jay McManus is discovering that owning a pro football team like the Baltimore Blaze isn’t easy. An anonymous blogger is out to destroy his reputation, and now his team is being sued by its own cheerleaders. If Jay’s not careful, he could lose big—and not just financially.

Bridgett Janik’s brother may play for the Baltimore Blaze, but she’s not thrilled to be defending Jay McManus, the man who broke her heart. It’s bad enough she has to mingle with Jay during games, but working beside her former lover may be too much for her body—and her heart—to resist.

Jay’s determined not to let Bridgett slip away from him a second time. But, as the two follow the mysterious blogger’s trail, secrets—both past and present—are revealed, and Jay and Bridgett must decide if their relationship can be something more than just sleeping with the enemy.


Tracy is giving away a signed copy of her new book to one lucky commenter!  Just tell her about your favorite team! (Must be 18 or older, US residents only. Contest closes on August 31st at 6PM EDT.)

About Tracy:

Headshot final 3 (1)Tracy Solheim’s creative writing career started in the fourth grade when she published her first book. It was a bestseller–mainly because her dad bought all ten copies. From there, she moved on to work for NBC Sports and then to writing reports and testimony for Congress. Today, Tracy is the author of international best selling contemporary romance novels featuring hot football players and the women who love them.  In addition, Tracy is a regular columnist for USA TODAY’s Happily Ever After Blog.  She lives in Georgia with her husband, two nearly adult children, a Labrador retriever who thinks she’s a cat and a horse named after her first novel: Game On.

See what she’s up to at www.tracysolheim.com.  Or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TracySolheimBooks, and Twitter at https://twitter.com/TracyKSolheim.