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Over the Moon with Jamie Farrell

Hi Gang!

JamieFarrell_TheHusbandGames_800x1200I’m welcoming  my friend, romance author Jamie Farrell to the blog today! Jamie has a new book out called The Husband Games and she’s here to talk about her release and help me kick off a new feature we’re going to be doing called “Over the Moon!”

Welcome, Jamie!!! *throws confetti*

When Jeannie asked me what put me over the moon, there was no hesitation.

“Bacon,” I said. Because bacon is awesome.

My obsession started when I was pregnant with my second son. Some might call it a craving, but I call it the discovery of a wonderful bacon-eating lifestyle. And here are just a
few of the reasons bacon puts me over the moon:

1. Bacon doesn’t judge. Seriously, when’s the last time your bacon called
you fat? (Like it has room to talk, right?)

Bacon- It Cures Everything2. Bacon is versatile. What other food can be served with breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, and dessert? And, really, milk chocolate-covered bacon is like the perfect food. It hits all the major food groups. (Chocolate comes from a bean, so it’s a vegetable. And it must have milk in it if it’s called “milk chocolate.” And bacon provides both fat and protein. Serve it with a strawberry, and you’re golden.)

3. Bacon is about so much more than food. Wear a bacon shirt, and watch the people around you smile. (Or look at you like you’re a weirdo, but
really, that’s basically the same thing as a smile, right?) Invest in
bacon-flavored lip gloss, and men (and women) everywhere will be clamoring
to kiss you. Bacon is the magic secret to instant popularity. And when you
want to get rid of all your new friends, all you have to do is announce the
bacon’s all gone. They’ll come back whenever you want to confess to having
more bacon.

Plus, bacon is just plain delicious. It’s like the romance novel of the
food world – an indulgent treat that makes me believe in love and
happiness. Who couldn’t use some of that? So do yourself a favor, and go
cook up a tray of bacon, grab a stack of napkins, and read a romance novel

And I’m giving one commenter their choice of one of my ebooks! So tell me– if you had a pound of bacon, who would you share it with? The contest closes on Friday, August 15th at 8 PM EDT.   The winner will be announced on Saturday, August 16th. And thanks, Jeannie, for having me here today!

About The Husband Games:
After Natalie Castellano’s marriage imploded on the field of the Husband
Games in Bliss, Illinois, the Most Married-est Town on Earth, the last job
she expected to inherit was planning the fiftieth anniversary of her
hometown’s unique Games. But with her mother’s unexpected passing, that’s
exactly what Natalie’s doing. And the position demands that she play nice
with CJ Blue, the man who ultimately caused Natalie’s marital demise.

Winning Bliss’s Husband Games and being crowned Husband of the Year was
the brightest spot in CJ’s short marriage. Since his wife’s untimely death,
he’s taken himself around the world, hiding from his grief. But now, family
obligations have him trapped in Bliss, where he’s been invited to
participate in the Games and humiliate himself in the name of closure. The
whole town wants him to play. The whole town, except one. And he can’t
decide what bothers him more—that Natalie doesn’t think he belongs in the
Games, or that she’s right.

These two would make great enemies. But all games aside, the more they
find themselves in close quarters, the harder it is to deny their mutual
attraction. She’s battled Bliss’s bridal brigade, and he’s jumped out of
airplanes and soared over waterfalls, but now they’re both facing the
biggest risk of all: taking another chance on love.

IMG_0261Thanks for being here, Jamie!  Here’s how you can all keep in touch with Jamie:

My website: http://www.jamiefarrellbooks.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JamieFarrellBooks
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheJamieFarrell

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