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Managing Social Media

I had the great privilege of spending a good part of this past Saturday with my wonderful RWA chapter presenting a workshop on Social Media at my local library.  The wonderful Patty Blount co-presented with me and it was great fun.  The audience, which was made up of chapter members and library patrons, asked lots of good questions and kept the discussion lively.  I did promise to post some links on the topic, so here they are:

Social Media Overview

Twitter Cheat Sheet

From eHow—How to Use Facebook videos

Internet Jargon and Acronyms

For Authors:

From Michael Hyatt on How to become a Twitter Ninja.

Novel Publicity on Facebook Author Pages

At the end of the talk, one of our guests asked Patty about Goodreads which is social media for book fiends.  Here’s a link to some information about it.

Jane Friedman on Goodreads

The big thing to remember about social media is to take time to get comfortable with the application.  These things have a learning curve, so don’t be discouraged right out of the gate if you find it confusing.

When venturing into cyberspace be mindful that privacy is your responsibility and that what you say online can stay there forever. As with anything, use your head, have fun and be safe.