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Life with Riley: 18 months

It’s been a while since I posted about the dog.  Let’s just say, he’s been keeping us busy. If you hadn’t heard, herding dogs are smart. Like super smart. Like there are teens I know who could take a lesson on paying attention from my Collie.

Riley has learned how to open drawers, some closets, and flip the tops off garbage pails. He knows how to hide things and remembers where he put them. He will eat anything, but likes wood the best. Especially table legs. Yep. That’s been fantastic.

It may sound like I’m ready to pack the fuzzball off to Siberia, and last night, when he woke me a one in the morning because he wanted to play, I might have considered it.

But I never would. Just like all my furbabies, Riley has burrowed his way into my heart and he’s not going anywhere.  He’s a big, fluffy, clumsy mess. And I love him. Just looking into those big brown eyes makes me melt. I’m such a pushover.

He’s gentle with my mother-in-law, who’s not that steady on her feet.  He’s sweet with tiny dogs and small children. And if I’m sick or sad, he stays close by, just in case he’s needed.

It’s getting nice outside, so we will be resuming our walks around the harbor and that should settle him some. In the meantime, we’ll keep training, keep the house dog proofed, and keep a trusty squirt bottle nearby for wordless correction.

Raising dogs is not for sissies. But boy is it worth it.

Tell me about your furbabies.