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Art and Life

One of the things I do at my day job is co-direct the student dramatic production.  It can be tremendously frustrating, but it’s also very rewarding.  The kids put everything they have into the production and our most recent play was no exception.  However, this year, my co-director and I tried something different.  We brought on a student director, student producer and student technical director.  Each of the positions was filled by an experienced senior and they were expected to take on portions of the production.  

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A Break in the Programming

Between my family, work (which now includes daily play rehearsals in addition to teaching)  and the writing, I’ve been living on yogurt, Starbucks and Hershey Kisses.

But I have a long weekend starting today and I’m going to stockpile a few posts. We’ll be back to a somewhat regular schedule next week.

I hope.

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Helping Hand

I’m human, so I’ve had more than my share of embarrassing moments. You know what I’m talking about–those times that I’ve said something I shouldn’t have or done something so dumb, I wanted to crawl into a hole.  Most of those moments happened when I was young–in high school or college–and are long forgotten.

However, I was talking to some teacher friends the other day and one of them remembered a tale I’d told them about one of my moments.  

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