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Come Visit Me!

Hey there!

Stop over and visit me at Romance at Random today!  I was invited by the lovely Sue Grimshaw (Editor-at-Large for Ballantine/Bantam-Dell) to post about one of my favorite topics, Young Adult literature.   Leave me a comment over there and tell me about your favorite YA book!


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The Harpy Returns

I kid you not.

I was out and about last week when I ran into the infamous Harpy.  You remember her.  I wrote a whole post about her comment that I wasn’t a real writer because I write romance.

Well, guess what?  She read the post and she was upset that I painted her in such an unfavorable light.  When I saw her she said, “I can’t believe you were so angry because I expressed my opinion.”

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The Harpy Revisited

The response to yesterday’s post on the Harpy was overwhelming.  I received lots of e-mails and messages, and the comments section here was very active. Reactions came for two reasons.  One, had to do with the obvious disrespect toward genre fiction, specifically romance, and the second had to do with Harpy’s lack of manners.

As far as her manners, there’s no stopping people from being who they are, but that doesn’t mean they should get a free pass.  

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