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Starting From Scratch

Tomorrow I’ll be flying off to Atlanta to attend the Romance Writers of America annual conference.  I’d been planning to write a post that included conference tips and my chaptermates from Long Island and Connecticut gave me some great pearls of wisdom, but I procrastinated and got wrapped up in my revisions and have worried too much about what I’m going to wear and then we have the new puppy…so the post didn’t get written.

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Release Day!

I’ve been writing for twelve years and it’s a little surreal that today my debut romance, The Temporary Wife, releases.  I could wax poetic about this, but to be honest, I’m a little overcome.  I worked so hard to make this happen and now it has.

And I’m sitting here wondering what I should do.

So, I decided to pop on here and say thank you to all the people who helped me realized this dream.  

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Pssst…I did it.

Hey, did you see it?  The banner right up there with the title of my first book?  It’s right above this very belated post.  Yes world, I am going to be a published author.

What’s strange is that nothing went the way it was supposed to.  You see, I’ve written several books, but the one that landed me my three book deal with Penguin’s digital-first line, Intermix, wasn’t written.  Not a single word.

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