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Over the Moon with Roxanne Snopek

Roxanne Snopek is a fellow Tule author, and is one of the sweetest people I know. She put together a fun little video about what puts her OVER THE MOON!
Roxanne also writes contemporary romance, and is part of the Love at the Chocolate Shop series from Tule. Her most recent release was The Chocolate Comeback, and tells the story of Deirdre and Isaac.

Hello readers!

I’m Roxanne Snopek, joining you from beautiful B, Canada! We get a lot of rain where I live – a LOT of rain – so during our four months of summer sunshine, I spend as much time outside as possible. I love to putter around in my suburban-jungle-backyard, where various green things are constantly vying for world domination. (Note to self: as we own neither a panda nor a herd of goats, we had no business planting bamboo and cotoneaster. Lesson learned.)


I spend much of those eight months of rain at my keyboard, tap-tap-tapping out my contemporary romance novels, so gardening is excellent exercise for both body and mind. So far, I’ve written characters who tame wild kittens and wounded hearts, stutter on public radio but say the right thing when it counts, eat chocolate, climb tall trees, risk pain, rescue dogs, rescue each other, fall off snowmobiles, fall from grace, find love and find their best selves in the process.

Giveaway! For a copy from my e-book back list, comment below and tell me YOUR favorite outdoor summer activity!

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Then, come visit me in the garden! I’d love to see you!


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    30 Responses to Over the Moon with Roxanne Snopek

    1. Hi Jeannie! Thanks so much for having me on your blog today! Readers, the prize is winner’s choice from my backlist, so let the comments begin!

    2. denise says:

      love the video!

      reading under a beach umbrella…

    3. Glenda M says:

      Anything involving being in the water counts for me. Pretty much every day the temperature is ar or above 100. Itf the temp isn’t, the heat index is.

    4. Shelagh says:

      Love the video. I love mowing the orchard in summer — on a ride-on, not a push mower — it’s enormously satisfying looking up and down the neat rows of trees once I’m done.

    5. Thanks, Shelagh! <3 I'd love to see your orchard! I can just imagine the satisfaction of those tidy rows!

    6. Sarah Lehman says:

      I love the summer, going for runs & walks outside as well as reading outside too. We don’t have too many nice days here in MI so I do my best to enjoy them all when I can.

    7. Linda Herold says:

      Here in Northern CA, where I don’t live near the beach, I like to stay inside where it’s cool, and read!

      • Hi Linda! I hear that. We’re breaking 30 degrees C this week (that’s 85+ F for you :)) so I’m grateful for a/c, especially at night. Thanks for stopping by!

    8. Julie Fetter says:

      Attending family reunions and potluck picnics are my favorite outdoor activity of summer.

    9. Michelle Harlan says:

      The only outdoor activity I enjoy during the summer is harvesting our vegetable garden. Beyond that, I try to avoid being outside. Texas summers are not something I enjoy.

      • Hi Michelle! Great to see you again! I’ve heard Texas summers are brutal – I’d love to visit one day and find out for myself. Might be too much heat even for me. LOL! Thanks for stopping by!

    10. Johanna Owen says:

      Love bbqs with friends and family and hanging outside with my grandchildren .

      Welcome Roxanne.

      • Hi Johanna! That’s my favorite, too. And I can’t wait for grandkids… but I promised my daughters I wouldn’t pressure them so I guess I have to wait. Patiently. LOL! Thanks for stopping by!

    11. Patty Blount says:

      I absolutely love the title of this book!!

    12. William says:

      My favorite leisurely pastime is reading Roxanne Snopek books! Hopefully, many more Marietta stories will feature her beautiful words.

    13. Thank you so much, William! Marietta’s an amazing place and I feel very lucky that I get to live there through my characters. Thanks for stopping by!

    14. Eileen AW says:

      Loved the video as well as your books, Roxanne. Yours too Jeannie!! I love being outside on my patio reading or eating after my hubby has grilled us something for dinner.

    15. Audrey W. says:

      Fun video, Roxanne! It’s motivating to remember to do those things that bring us joy. Love your books, esp. the Chocolate Comeback. Write on!

    16. Jeannie says:

      Comments are closed and Roxanne will be contacting the winner soon!

    17. … and the winner is… AUDREY W! Audrey, email me for more details at roxanne@roxannesnopek.ca and I’ll get your prize out to you. YAY!!!

    18. Marcia White says:

      My favorite summer activity would be traveling around New England and New York. And, of course, a book and my Nook go with me!

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