Meet Jeannie

My father knew I was destined to become a writer when he found I’d scrawled the letters “JBON” (my version of Jean at the time) in a copy of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations when I was barely three years old. It seems that, even then, I knew my name should be on a book.

I’m a native Long Islander and I imagine that conjures an image of big hair and a nasally accent, but that’s not the Long Island that I know. I was raised in a north shore town that once would have been called bucolic and now people call trendy. I married my high school sweetheart and my children were born in the same hospital as I was. It gives me a sense of history. A sense of home. And I love that.

Like most women, I wear a lot of hats. When I was in college I dreamed of becoming a famous sportscaster. However, never being objective, I leaned more toward the publicity side of the business, doing work for local papers and local teams.  I’ve always loved sports and I’m a shameless fan. This love has carried over into my writing.

Now, I’m a mom, a wife, a teacher, a librarian and a contemporary romance author. It’s the last part—the romance author—that’s allowed me to connect with all of you.

The writing is a natural extension of who I am and I use all my experiences and sometimes my love of sports for inspiration. I find characters in schools, boardrooms, hospitals, shops, construction sites, courtrooms, patrol cars, farms, and libraries; some come to life on imaginary playing fields and in ice rinks. Eventually, everything ties together. Everything becomes about people taking risks to be happy. About believing in someone. In the end, my books are about finding that special place to call home, finding comfort, and from those things, finding love. I truly believe that’s all most of us want.

My family is my world. I have a wonderful, handsome husband, who is my very own love story, and three incredible kids whom I consider my best work. We live with three lovable dogs, and a whole lot of chaos.

Drop me a note, ask a question, and let me know what you think of my books!  I adore hearing from readers, so stay in touch.


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