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Jolyse Barnett Goes Over the Moon!

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I’m so thrilled to welcome Jolyse Barnett to the blog today.  Jolyse has just released her second book, which is, appropriately, the second book in the Summer in New York series. His Kiss is a wonderfully romantic tale that will have you rooting for Jeremy and Elizabeth from beginning to end.

So, without delay, here’s a fun video in which Jolyse tells us what puts her Over the Moon!


Of course, now you want to see all those cute critters Jolyse talked about, so here’s a little sample…

Peek in Kitchen Lizard

Peek In Kitchen Lizard.

Wood Lizard

Wood Lizard

Over Front Door Lizard

Over the Front Door Lizard

Random Lizard

Random Spotted Lizard

Gate Lizard

Gate Lizard








Jolyse is offering up a digital copy of His Kiss to one commenter.  She wants to know:  What’s your favorite part of summer?

(Contest closes Monday, July 13th.  You must be 18 or over. US and Canada only.)


About His Kiss~

HisKissJBARNETT-MEDIUMAfter a motorcycle accident and subsequent alcohol abuse, Jeremy Engel has managed to claw his way back from the dark depths of personal hell. He’s now a successful comic book author working on his second book, and when the woman he met while on a rare getaway—the one he hasn’t been able to forget—opens a shop in his neck of the woods, he thinks he’s even learned to trust and hope again.

Elizabeth Desmond may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she’s determined to make a success of her shop in the Adirondack tourist town of Lake Placid. And just when she thinks it can’t get any better, the mysterious stranger she kissed on a moonlit resort beach walks back into her life.

But when Jeremy’s old demons return, it’s up to Elizabeth to show him they’re not so different after all…

About Jolyse ~

auth_JolyseBarnett1-500x500Jolyse Barnett is a country girl at heart living her happily-ever-after in Long Island suburbia with her real-life hero, two incredible children, and one very furry feline. Go to her website, http://jolysebarnett.com, for excerpts, ordering links, and to connect with her via social media.



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    28 Responses to Jolyse Barnett Goes Over the Moon!

    1. Diana Tidlund says:

      reading outside by the pool and gardening

      • Hi Diana! I love pool time so much, too. These days I’m usually writing instead of reading, but it’s still very relaxing.

        I’m always impressed by people who garden. I was raised in a rural area and we grew vegetables, but I never quite got the hang of growing flowers. What do you grow? Whenever I see peonies, I think of my mother. She had the green thumb in our family when I was little. Lucky for me, my husband has the knack, too, so I get to enjoy the beauty and scents of his hard work.

        Happy summer! 🙂

    2. Thanks again for inviting me, Jeannie! I had fun–even though I’m new at the vlogging stuff–and look forward to hearing from others what they enjoy most about summer. 🙂

    3. Voule says:

      Geckos are so adorable!! I would love to make a trip down to Key West! I’m looking forward to reading His Kiss!

      • Thanks for stopping by, Voule! I’ve always been a fan of small reptiles. When I was a kid, I’d catch salamanders out of the local pond and play with them (I promise I always returned them safely to their home.) I also love turtles, chameleons, and iguanas. One of my favorite memories from our anniversary trip to San Juan, PR years ago was seeing wild iguanas hanging out in the wild on the jungle trees. So cool!

    4. Cher says:

      My favorite part of summer is having a campfire. I love the wood smell, the relaxation of staring at the fire, and just being close to loved ones.

      • Oh, and roasted marshmallows, too. Definitely. Some of my favorite memories are tied to summer picnics that lasted late into the night, ending with everyone sitting around the campfire. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you enjoy many campfires this season. 🙂

    5. I love Summer because it’s the time of the year when extended family try to get together. It’s great to see cousins and family you grew up with. It’s nice to stay in touch with each other

      • Hi Sandy! Well said. I have wonderful memories of summer picnics and get-togethers through the years. It’s important that we slow down once in awhile and gather for some fun with those who know and understand us like no one else ever will–our family. <3

    6. PJ Sharon says:

      Awesome Vlog post, Jolyse. Geckos are the cutest critters! As far as my favorite part of summer, there are so many wonderful and fun things to do up here in the Berkshires. My go-to respite, though, is kayaking the ponds and lakes in New England. There’s nothing like being alone on the water in the solitude of nature. I see so much cool wildlife! Herons, and egrets, otters and beavers. A few weeks ago, I saw a granddaddy of a snapping turtle that was the size of a sea turtle!

      Good luck with the new book:-)

      • I’m a huge fan of kayaking too. We’ve gone paddling around on our local lake now and again, but we’ve yet to attempt any rivers on Long Island. I have a friend who kayaks here and she warned me that we need to be cognizant of the tides…if we don’t want to get stranded at low tide. I had no idea! One day we will figure it out and make the trek. Traveling on a river like that brings us closer to nature, just like biking.

        Thanks for your good wishes. Thinking of you, too, and hoping all is well. 🙂

    7. I inherited my grandchildren’s gecko. I really enjoyed the old guy and the dog was entranced!
      Thanks for the intro. Sounds like a good series!

      • Wow, I’m jealous, Kathleen. I have all these imitations, and you were blessed with caring for a live one. 😉 Thanks for stopping by, and if you read His Kiss, I hope you enjoy it!!

    8. bn100 says:

      going to the beach

      • Ah, a person after my own heart. I adore the beach. I grew up on the shores of Lake Champlain and now live fifteen minutes away from beaches to the north and beaches to the south

    9. Jill W says:

      Sorry I’m late to the party, Jolyse. You’re becoming the Vlog expert! 🙂 Oh, I love Geckos too. Come on down to Charlotte, they’re all over our patio. Last summer, I came home from work and found a gecko smack dab in the middle of our master bathroom. He was looking at me like I was the intruder. 🙂

      • I find it fascinating that they can lose their tails and regrow them. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could regrows arms or legs? I’ve also watched the male ones show off for the females by puffing up their red necks. Interesting little creatures. Most of all, I think I like them so much because we find them entertaining as we walk the streets of Old Town, KW, and have fun trying to spot one first. Good times. Thanks for sharing. I bet I’d love Charlotte! 🙂

    10. Gretchen says:

      Its warmer weather am not a fan of the cold

      • I agree, Gretchen! I’m less and less a fan of the Northeast winters, especially after the last few where we’ve really gotten walloped with snow. I hope you’re enjoying nice weather in your part of the world and getting plenty of sunshine and relaxation. Thanks so much for stopping by and entering the giveaway. 🙂

    11. Aw, I want to get a good look at the lizard earrings!

      My favorite part of summer is sleeping in and thanking the good Lord every day I have air conditioning 🙂

      • Thanks so much for stopping by, Maggie!

        I plan to wear them in NYC, so you’ll get your chance to see them soon. Sleeping in is a luxury, isn’t it? Summer’s on a slower schedule for most people because there’s no school or homework for the kids. Good for you. Enjoy that extra snooze time and feeling cool in the AC! 🙂

    12. Lisa Reigel says:

      Favorite part of summer is that we try to slow things down a little & spend more time together as a family. We’re not restricted to time constraints since there’s no homework or projects due, don’t have to worry as much to a bedtime, and we’re not running as much to activities.

    13. denise says:

      hanging out with the kids

    14. Christina Riggs says:

      Growing a garden full of vegetables.

      • Hi Christina. 🙂

        Thinking about vegetable gardening brings back so many childhood memories for me. I especially liked eating the string beans and carrots, although I did get a bit tired of picking beans as part of my summer chores. Happy eating!

    15. Congratulations to Kathleen Bylsma! You’re the winner of my giveaway. Be on the lookout for your digital copy of HIS KISS in your email today.

      Thanks one more time to Jeannie for hosting me. I enjoyed chatting with you all about your favorite part of the season. Have a wonderful summer, everyone, and happy reading! oxo

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