Reader’s Guide for Christmas in Angel Harbor

  1. Small towns often have their own personality. How does Dan’s run in the opening scene, not only establish the setting, but give the reader hints about the town’s inner life?
  2. Memories are powerful and they can evoke strong emotions in the individual. How do the characters juggle different memories and the emotions they trigger?
  3. Jane is a strong mother figure in the book, not just to her daughter, but also for Angel Harbor. In what ways does she take on the role of town mom?
  4. The book takes a hard look at life changes, both the good and the bad. In what ways do our characters evolve over the course of the story as a result of the changes they must face?
  5. The bookstore has a long history in Angel Harbor, how does this connect with Jane’s chosen field of archeology?
  6. Many of Jane’s relationships are in a state of flux. Discuss the dynamics of the different relationships and how Jane is navigating them throughout the book. (Jane and Tara, Jane and Kathleen, Jane and Danny)
  7. Dan’s public persona is very different than his true personality. Why do you think he comes back to his hometown?
  8. Discuss the connections between the shopkeepers in Angel Harbor. How does the fate of the bookstore affect them?
  9. Love conquers all is a cliché, but clichés are often true. How does it play out in the story?
  10. The impact of one person can be profound. In what ways does Christmas in Angel Harbor drive home that point?