Deleted Scene from The Temporary Wife

This scene takes place after Jason and Meg are married to protect Molly from her greedy grandparents. Instead of being written from Meg’s point of view, this scene is written from Jason’s.

Jason shifted into fifth gear and cruised along the deserted Main Road heading into Greenport.  To his right, was his wife–his beautiful bride–who was tipsy on excellent wine and was a little sleepy as a result.

When he stood in the gazebo at the vineyard, waiting for her to come down the aisle, he was completely unprepared for the shot to the gut seeing her would give him.  But as she walked down the white runner, Jason found he had a hard time breathing.

Her gown was truly perfect.  She was a cloud of silky chiffon and every bit of the gown was accented by lace. The back was low and elegant and the teasing, heart-shaped neckline caressed her breasts.  She didn’t wear a veil, but her hair was pulled up, and adorned with flowers and tiny pearls.  The best part about the updo was the way he could see the curve of her long, graceful neck.

It had been a nice day. His brother stood up with him and his parents did show up about halfway through the reception. They were polite, which considering how they’d acted just a couple of weeks before, was an improvement.

Meg’s brother was the challenge. Jason and Kevin Rossi were friends back in the day, but his old friend didn’t waste a second. Kevin sent a clear message that Jason would be watched.  If he fucked up, it was his ass.  And if anyone could do it, Kevin could. He was a big bad pro baseball player known for his powerful swing and take-no-prisoners style of play.

Looking at her again, what he really wanted to do was make love to her all night long. And then all the next day. “What are you thinking about?”

“It was a beautiful day, don’t you think? I mean other than the weather? It’s a shame this isn’t real.”

“Meg, it’s real. For the next year or so we’re married. How you want it to go is up to you.”

“I know. I just meant that it’s a waste that this, has, you know, an expiration date.  Marriage is supposed to be forever. It’s what I always hoped for.”

“You may have that someday.”

“That won’t negate whatever happens between us.”

Jason reached out and took her hand in his, taking pleasure in feeling the rings on her fingers. She was right about that. After this was over, she’d always be his EX. Before this, before this crazy marriage, Meg had been his “Almost.”

 He liked that better.

“Where are we going?”

“The marina in Greenport. My boat is docked there.”

“Boat?  I don’t like boats.”

“I think you’ll manage okay.” He hadn’t told her about his boat.

They drove through the village, past shops, an inn, and the famous carousel. A minute out of town, he turned right and pulled into a parking lot.

Meg craned her neck and surveyed the boats. “Which one is yours?”

Jason could not wait for this. He wasn’t an extravagant person. He liked luxury, hell, his car cost a hundred and fifty grand, but the boat was something else.

He came around the car and took her hand as she stood, then giving into the urge he pulled her into him. Pressed against him, he could feel the rhythm of her breathing, and the contour of her body. The feel of his hand on her bare back, the little wiggle she gave and the way she looked at him with her green eyes flashing caused a rush through his system. It was pure desire. Nothing else.

“Come on.”

While Jason held one hand Meg hiked up her skirts with the other and she tried to keep up as he strode down the cobblestone path.  He was jerked to a halt when she stumbled behind him, almost falling into the damp grass. “I can’t do this walk with my shoes.”

He looked down and saw she was once again balanced on spikey heels, but unlike her normal work shoes, these were strappy sandals with jewels and glitter that allowed him a glimpse of her painted toes. After taking a second to admire her very sexy feet, he realized she was absolutely right.  Those shoes and those pretty feet were not going to make it to the dock.  So Jason did the next best thing, before she could think to object, he reached out and picked her up, cradling her in his arms.  The little squeak she let out when he first picked her up was the only objection. After that, she looped her arms around Jason’s neck and rested her head on his shoulder.

It was a nice moment. One of the moments that he hoped she’d take from the marriage when the only thing that mattered was what was between them. That it wasn’t about agreements and power struggles, it was about them.  Just them.

“What do you think?”  Jason stopped and when Meg turned her head and sucked in a breath, he knew she was impressed.

“Oh, my God.  This is it?”

“Like it?”

“You said this was a boat!”

“It is.  What do you mean?”

“To me, a boat is something that’s for fishing or water skiing or hanging out on the water with your friends.”

He enjoyed her reaction.  His boat truly was his over-the-top purchase, but he was a freaking billionaire, he was allowed.

“Jason, this is a yacht.  A big one.”

“85 feet, to be exact.”

“I think it’s bigger than my house.”

He grinned as he walked up the gangway, Meg still cradled in his arms.  “We’ll go on a short cruise.  A couple of days to relax.”

“We will?  I didn’t pack…”

“It’s all taken care of.  Your stateroom has everything you need.”


“Clothes, toiletries…everything.”

He was still holding her, and as far as Jason was concerned he was in no rush to let her down.  This was dangerous territory, he knew that.  A beautiful woman.  A wedding.  Lots of wine and the perfect setting made this a romantic disaster.