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Weekend with Her Bachelor

Marietta, Montana

Bachelor Gavin Clark is determined to help Marietta reach its fundraising goal for the town’s hospital charity. So the handsome emergency physician is up for almost anything on his date with the lucky winning bidder.

Little did he know his former high school crush, Ally Beaumont, just so happened to be that lucky winner. Their date whisks them off to her friend’s destination wedding at a romantic, luxury ranch resort in the western Montana mountains and close quarters, a shared history, and a magical location push the two old friends into each other’s arms…

Is Gavin and Ally’s story just beginning, or will their romance end with the weekend?

Weekend with Her Bachelor


Chapter One

Ally Beaumont stared at the guest list and quietly cursed under her breath.

She knew there was a possibility her asshole of an ex-boyfriend would be at the destination wedding she’d been planning for a close friend, but she had no idea he was one of the groomsmen, and that he was going to be one of her main contacts during the festivities. Since when had he and the groom gotten that close?

A fun event had turned into something she was now dreading, putting Ally on a luxury ranch weekend with the man who had jilted her two days before their wedding, and no date of her own. She’d been informed that Lars, her ex, was bringing his lady friend for the weekend. She was his soulmate, apparently, and he had never been happier.


But Lars in the mix or not, her focus had to be on the bride and groom, and her goal was always to make the weekend special for everyone attending the wedding. Even her asshole of an ex. The venue was perfection. She stared at the pictures of the ranch pinned to the project board in her office. She couldn’t stop looking, and considering the view from her office window consisted of Puget Sound, with Bainbridge Island in the distance, that really said something.

The truth was, as much as Ally enjoyed her life in Seattle, she was still in love with her home state of Montana. And she knew the beauty and vastness of the Whispering River Ranch, set in the western mountains, was going to blow the guests away. There was nothing like a Montana spring.

“Ally?” Turning to the door of her office, her assistant nodded to the phone. “It’s a woman named Lisa Barnes. She said you know her from home. Something about an auction?”

Lisa Barnes. Wow. She hadn’t seen her in years. Lisa was one of her best friends at Marietta High School, and the two of them used to hide in the corner of the library, dreaming about finding Prince Charming. “Hey!” she said when she picked up the phone. “Fancy hearing from you! I saw your name on the wedding guest list…”

“Yup. Wedding. I can’t make it, unfortunately. Work. next week before you head out for that ranch.” Lisa was straight to the point and blunt as always.

“Hello to you too!” Ally said sarcastically. “I was planning on two weeks at home before I went to the mountains. I want to see my parents and catch up around town. What’s this you mentioned about an auction?”

“The second annual Marietta Bachelor Auction.”

“Wait… a bachelor auction?” Why the hell was she calling about a bachelor auction?

“It’s a fundraiser for the hospital. They’re raising money for a rooftop helipad. We’ve had them before, they stage it at Grey’s, lots of fun, but I thought you’d like to know that this round of bachelors went to school with us.”

“Who?” There were some fine looking boys back in school with her. One in particular she still thought about.

“Code Matthews, Nick Palotay, Colt Ewing—”

“Whoa.” Those were some gorgeous men going up on the auction block. “I bet there’s been a run on the bank.”

“You could say that, but there’s one more. Doctor Gavin Clark.”

Gavin. Clark. “R-really?” Gavin Clark was at the root of all her teen angst. He was her first crush, her first dance, her first kiss. Gavin was her first everything. It was quite possible, based on the way her heartbeat picked up, that she never got over him. He was sweet and handsome. A nice guy of the highest order—and of course, she’d managed to hurt him because she was stupid.

“He’s going up for auction? I’m confused.” Ally was definitely confused. “Gavin didn’t like to draw attention to himself. That doesn’t sound like his kind of gig.”

“Last year, Coach Downey’s grandson was killed in an on field collision. You had to have heard about that, you babysat him, didn’t you?”

“I did. Broke my heart when my mom told me. He was such a good kid.” Troy was a good kid, too. Whenever she ran into him in town, he was polite and sweet as could be. It was a tragic, tragic loss for the whole community.

“The roads were blocked, and he had to be airlifted to Bozeman because Marietta General doesn’t have a helipad. The guys were devoted to Coach. When he asked them to participate in the event, to raise money for the helipad, they were all in.”

That didn’t surprise her. They might have been hell raisers, but all four of them were good guys. For a moment, Ally wished she had a matchmaking business; those four hunky men would make her a fortune, and make some women very happy.

But Gavin was the one who set her heart racing. “My mom told me he’d gone to medical school.”

“He’s an emergency physician,” Lisa sighed. “Apparently, he’s up for anything regarding a date. Can you imagine?”

“Hmm.” She could imagine. She could imagine it very well. An idea started to form in Ally’s head. Maybe Gavin would be up for a weekend with her. At a wedding. “Do the bids go very high?”

“Sometimes a few thousand dollars. Although, word on the street is the guys opened up the dates to allow for some flexibility because they want to pull in some big money. What are you thinking?”

She was thinking she might have a date to the wedding, after all. Buying herself a big, handsome cowboy-doctor was very appealing. And Ally could afford it. Hell, her business just cracked the seven-figure mark, but even if it hadn’t, she could sell the engagement ring Lars left her with and have a grand old time helping out Marietta. That wasn’t a bad idea, actually. He’d been hinting that he wanted the ring back. What better way to give it back to him than by bringing a sweet, brilliant, handsome man to the wedding.

“So are you coming? I’d love to see you. I’ve missed you the last few times you’ve been in town.

“You bet,” Ally proclaimed. “It’s a good cause.”

“Yay! I can’t wait to see you! Vivi is coming too. It’s been too long.”

Ally smiled. She, Lisa, and Vivi Walker were inseparable in high school. They each went their separate ways for college, but kept in touch through social media and email, getting together at odd times. The auction at Grey’s was going to be a fun reunion. And if she won Gavin Clark in the auction, she’d consider the trip home an epic win.

Opening her desk drawer, Ally pulled out the velvet box that held the custom-made diamond ring that Lars had given her two years ago. The stone was flawless and it was massive, having been appraised at over thirty thousand dollars. She had a friend in downtown Seattle who owned an estate jewelry store who’d offered to take the ring off her hands whenever she was ready to unload it.

Gazing out at the ferries crossing Puget Sound, Ally decided it was time to make a phone call. The big, fat diamond was going to get her a wedding date.

End of Excerpt

Weekend with Her Bachelor

by Jeannie Moon
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