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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

It’s been a tough year for my father and once again, he’s battling some health issues. Today he turns 85, and I wanted to write something about him, because, well, I need to do so.

No doubt, my dad has made his share of mistakes, but he has the best outlook of anyone I know.  “I don’t complain about my life,” he would say.  “I’m where I am for a reason and even though things aren’t perfect,

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Giving Thanks

Oh, I know.  This is a cliche for a post.  Whatever.  🙂

I’ll keep it simple–what am I thankful for?  Here are a few things…

My family, friends, colleagues, students and former students.  People who make me laugh and those who make me cry.  My fellow writers, who keep me inspired.  Chocolate chip ice cream, Nutella, apples, salsa and chips, good margaritas and white wine. (Not all at once.  If that were the case I’d be thankful for Pepto Bismol!) Flowers,

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Fantasy Friday

Sorry, I’m late today.

It’s been tricky getting back into the groove from my trip.  I’m falling asleep and waking up at the weirdest times!

After the long weekend away, I thought about my post.  What I started thinking about were my heroes.  Romance is all about the hot hero, the fantasy that will make a woman swoon.   I write those guys…and I DO love to write those guys.

But how do I describe my heroes?  

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A Break in the Programming

Between my family, work (which now includes daily play rehearsals in addition to teaching)  and the writing, I’ve been living on yogurt, Starbucks and Hershey Kisses.

But I have a long weekend starting today and I’m going to stockpile a few posts. We’ll be back to a somewhat regular schedule next week.

I hope.

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Cleaning Up After Irene

Well, for those of you who’ve been living under a rock, we had a big storm roar through my neck of the woods last week.  In fact, Irene caused a whole bunch of trouble all up and down the east coast.  There was a lot of worry and many warnings here in New York and when all was said and done, while we sustained damage, it wasn’t nearly as bad as people feared.

Those in other locations–not as lucky.

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