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Over the Moon with Kimberly Rocha

Today I have Kimberly Rocha from the Book Obsessed Chicks Book Club visiting the blog to tell us all what puts her OVER THE MOON. Check out her video and giveaway below!

Giveaway: I’m giving away a BOC t-shirt! Just comment below and tell me what your favorite romance sub-genre is, and why.

Kimberly Rocha is the owner and founder of the Book Obsessed Chicks Book Club, and all around lover of romance. She also runs Book Obsessed Chicks PR and Photography. 

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    47 Responses to Over the Moon with Kimberly Rocha

    1. Amy says:

      Hey Kimmie! Great job! My favorite is of course historical romance but I also love a good romance thriller! As long as its romance, I’m a happy reader

    2. jamie says:

      Ha! I love when you said you’re not that funny. I feel the same way. Oh, the pressure to be as witty as my friends. When you want a sober conversation, I’m your gal! 🙂 Christi and Annabelle are great writers, I agree!

    3. Eileen AW says:

      Thanks Kimberly for sharing with us. I agree about Christie Caldwell being great. I’m more a contemporary romance reader but loved the book of hers I read.

    4. I love paranormal romance, the intriguing suspense and passion. I also love my cowboys, the tried and true loyalty and charm.

    5. Hi Kimmie! Love historicals the best-Christi’s stories are like a fine chocolate-one is never enough! Muah! Love the video!

    6. Shari says:

      Love contemporary romance, especially second chances, most times everyone deserves a second chance.

    7. Hey girl! Love seeing you live! I think my current favorite is romantic suspense, but I always have to change it up or else things get stale. Hope to see you in real life soon!

    8. Helen says:

      Hi Kim, I love reading suspense and intrigue, with romance in the mix. I must say that I have never read any of Christi’s books. You made the book sound good enough to try reading some historical romance for a change of pace. Thank you!

    9. Suzy Dacruz says:

      Hi Kimberly,
      I Love the video and I love to read all romance books.

    10. denise says:

      Love historical romance, too! Loved the video.

    11. You want me to pick one favorite? I can’t do it. I love them all.

    12. I love historical romance and chick-lit. I just want a HEA story. 🙂

    13. sharon c Hubbuch says:

      Hello, I love historical romance most Also Mail-order brides/Cowboys/western romances , I also like some light paranormal romance. I totally agree about Christie Caldwell being great I love her books.

    14. Lori meehan says:


    15. Tiffany Carden says:

      Historical or Paranormal! I am a huge Christi Caldwell fan!!!!

    16. Normandy Hood says:

      Hey Kim. I adore your video. I think I told you this already but you’re very endearing. You re easy to listen to and you’re a good friend.

    17. PEGGY LINDSEY says:

      Love ya kim loved the video u should do more of them . My fave are a mix of all but mostly PNR .

    18. bn100 says:

      historical- setting

    19. Joann Maggio says:

      It will take me several sentences to say what type of books I love to read.
      Terri Brisbane with her strong sexy Highlanders.
      Christi Caldwell historical romances with her beautiful crafted flawed characters. She taps into your core when you read her stories.
      Annabelle Bryant Romances give you a myriad of personalities each stronger than the other. Books you can’t put down.
      Holly Bush has painted the most beautiful western Romances.
      I have read and reread her novels she is awesome.

    20. Cynthia says:

      Mine is historical and westerns that is this week. You did a lovely job. Big hugs coming your way

    21. Brenda L Dickson says:

      Hi Kim ~ I loved the video. You are awesome! My favorite genre is historical romance. It is my escape from reality with a little touch of realism. I love Christi and her excellent books. She is master storyteller and truly amazing!

    22. Danielle DeBuono says:

      I love romantic suspense…..there’s a little bit of everything in it….love, sex, hot guys and suspense.

    23. Anna DePalo says:

      So great as usual, Kim! My favorite sub-genre is straight-up contemporary followed by Regency historical.

    24. Jeannie says:

      Thank you to everyone who commented! Isn’t Kim great? She’ll be contacting the winner soon!

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