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Guilty Pleasures

I’m chubby or as my nephew once told me…I’m fluffy.

The point of me telling you this is that I’ve been trying to lose weight and get in shape.  I’ve been doing a pretty good job and have gone down a couple of dress sizes over the past two months.

But over the past few weeks, I’ve fallen off the wagon.  There have been a bunch of dinners and events to go to and then I was at the RWA national conference last week. (That was the ultimate diet buster.  There was chocolate and wine…and chocolate.  You get the idea.)  So, over the past few days it’s been my goal to start eating right and get back to my exercise routine.

Yeah, right.

I was fighting with a scene in my work in progress, dealing with family issues, thinking about a conference I’m going to tomorrow and Tuesday and stressed because I have to pack because I’m going away on Friday.  Add to that fighting kids, barking dogs and too little sleep and I cracked.  I was in the grocery store and I caved.  You know what happened to me today?

Nutella happened.

If you know Nutella, you know what I’m talking about.  If you have not yet made Nutella’s acquaintance, I suggest you do.  It is female Nirvana.  Chocolate heaven.  Once, I called it “sex in a jar.”  No lie.

I bought the Nutella and when I got home I made a beeline for the silverware drawer.

That’s right…I didn’t need anything else.  It was me, the Nutella and a spoon.

I’ll diet tomorrow.

I shouldn’t be bragging about the transgression, but let’s face it, we all have tough days and sometimes we need to indulge in something we shouldn’t to feel better.  For me, that meant a couple of spoonfuls of chocolate and hazelnut perfection.  I sank into the bliss of it all, then I closed the jar and went back and tackled the problems.

I’ll get to the gym sometime tomorrow and I’ve already promised myself I’d pack healthy snacks for my conference.  There will be no Nutella in the computer case.

Even though I might be tempted.

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    26 Responses to Guilty Pleasures

    1. I’ve never tried Nutella, but it sounds like my addiction to Pirate’s Booty. Before I know it, I’ve consumed the entire bag when I bought it for my kids. Not pretty.

      I know you’ll get back into the groove, Jeannie. It’s difficult making major changes like diet and exercise, but you’re determined and have seen such success already. Conquer that Nutella craving like I do mine for Pirate Booty–ask your family to hide it from you!

      Enjoy the conference and best wishes on your exercise routine. (I just started Pilates after a 6 month hiatus from all-things-exercise. Wish me luck.)

    2. abby says:

      mmmmm, nutella. i have certain “trigger” foods like that: potato chips and ice cream. as such, i can’t buy them because i’ll just eat the entire bag/carton. and now that i live alone, i have no accountability, so i really will eat the entire thing, so instead, i buy healthy snacks (blueberrys and sugar snap peas are my favs at the moment) and i tell myself i’m eating them for the antioxidents and vitamins rather than as a substitute for potato chips, which makes me want to eat the healthy item instead of sad i can’t eat the junk….. good luck!

    3. Pam Asberry says:

      Thanks for your honesty; you will make a lot of us feel better about our “closet eating” today. For me this weekend it was popcorn and Pringles. Now we just need to forgive ourselves and make better choices moving forward. Have a great week!

    4. Nutella? Yikes, no wonder you gave in! It’s so divine and evil, there’s no defense for it. I know what it’s like to try to diet with that kinda sinful perfection in the house. Just don’t buy it…I know, easy to say, NOT easy to do.

      You’re doing great, btw!

      • Jeannie says:

        Thanks! I’m trying! But there was no way to resist–the way the day went, if it hadn’t been Nutella, something else would have filled the void. 🙂 There’s lots of ways to eat chocolate.

    5. Patty Blount says:

      Oh, I understand completely. I hit the warehouse store a few days back and bought a 3-pack of Nutella.

    6. Christine Gardella says:

      So, I’m sitting here reading this entry post-workout, drinking my chocolate Shakeology with a bit of peanut butter and some blackberries. Five minutes ago I tricked myself into actually believing that this chocolately, icy, protein-y goodness was just as good as ice cream. Then I read your post and remembered what real food and deliciousness tastes like. 🙂

      We all need an indulgence every once in a while whether it be chocolate, manicure/pedicure, massage, or a 30 minute walk in a park. It’s HEALTHIER than complete abstinence and restriction.

      So maybe you can compromise and pack a little Ferrero Rocher or Toblerone in your computer case ;).

      • Jeannie says:

        Christine, I know pure deprivation is not the way to go, and I did pat myself on the back. I was in such a mood, I’d have eaten the whole jar…instead it was only a couple of spoonfuls. 🙂 Could be worse.

    7. You did call it “sex in a jar,” I remember that tweet well. 😉 And I completely understand. You couldn’t resist! No one can! Nutella is chocolate crack.

    8. Michelle says:

      Just so you know, if you ever need to fulfill a Nutella craving at school, I keep a jar in my desk 🙂 It sometimes helps me get through a tough day. As a fellow dieter, I always try to remind myself that the journey is one day at a time. I allow myself indulgences, don’t beat myself up over them, and try to enjoy life as it comes 🙂 Finally, my WW leader reminded us once that “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels…” – I sometimes use this when I am really, really tempted to fall off of the wagon too many times. Good luck on the rest of your journey – and if you hit any bumps, the Nutella will be in my desk.

    9. Julie says:

      Nutella, hm? I’ve never had it. I may have to buy some.

      My downfall is cake. Yes, cake. I love cupcakes, but I only get them when I’ve had a rejection. (LOL) The local grocery store features individually-packaged slices of cake.

      Damn them.

      In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll try to stay away from the cake. 😉

    10. don’t hit me or anything, BUT …I’ve never taken the time to introduce myself to Nutella *ducks*

      but, i know exactly how you feel. when i need a boost, I always always ALWAYS reach for the jar of JIF and a spoon. yep, that’s all I need for an instant yum 🙂

    11. Tuere Morton says:

      Idk why I thought Nutella was made up of another nut like almonds or something. Naturally, you’ve got my interest piqued. Another one bites the dust! 😉

    12. Debora Dale says:

      I have to confess… I’ve never tried Nutella and never will, unfortunately, because I’m allergic to chocolate. I will pause here for gasps of dismay and sympathy……..

      HOWEVER, my daughter picked up a jar of it once and tried to put it in my shopping cart. I resisted, thinking if I’d never had it, she could indeed live without it. But I gave in and, once home, she had some. Well, the look on her face filled me with envy. Jeannie, I don’t blame you for a moment of indulgence, especially since, just a few spoonfuls later, it was followed by a moment of strength.

      I hope you enjoyed the conferences!

      • Jeannie says:

        Oh, Debbie…my sympathies. However, I’m sure you have other things to fill that need from time to time. We all need those moments of indulgence, as you said.

    13. Jennifer Wickboldt says:

      How weird to find your post after I just ate a Nutella sandwich for the first time in my life. We keep it in the house for one of my son’s friends who is a picky eater but my kids would rather have good ole PB&J but today one of them asked for Nutella sandwich so I thought I’d try it too. Mmmmmmmm. A S’more in sandwich form.

      • Jeannie says:

        Jenny! I’m so glad you found the blog. I’m telling you…I love this stuff, but I don’t always keep it in the house because sometimes the temptation is too great.

        But…I do like the s’mores sandwich idea. Nutella and Fluff? OMG.

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